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Service your tank with confidenceS.C.U.B.A standard requires an annual test

One of the most asked questions in tank testing is: Why every year?

It certainly seems a waste of time and money to hydrotest your scuba tank every year, its hard work, its back breaking and not much fun but it is the law. If you have worked in the dive shop you know what its like to fill 50 tanks one after the other and then inevitably burst disk blow, O-rings let go, hoses spilt so there are alot of bangs and rushing air past your ears but we all survived the ordeal and lets all thank the law for that....

Some tanks are in better order than others, you might look at a tank thinking wow that is a nice tank, but has it been kept in test? has it been used regularly, is it able to be filled in Australia under the Australian Standard?

Steel or Aluminum tank?

Aluminum has come along way since the 6351 crap, you can buy Ali Tank that are negitivly bouoyant ever when empty. I love Ali tanks over steel, Steel and Salt water! I think you know where Im going with that.....

Things to avoid:

  • Heat stain on the outside of the tank
  • Re-painted Tanks
  • Dents, Cuts, corrosion, pits and rust
  • Made Pre-1991 Aluminum
  • Unused for a long period, metal will harden and may fail hydro test.