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Marine Conservation

Environment PMatlock COMMENTS 28 Jan, 2023

Jungarra Ngarrian (Cook Island) is an iconic landmark to the Tweed and resonates as a place of significance to many locals and sea goers of the region. Traditional Descendant Kyle Slabb explains that "Jungurra Ngarrian is part of our story, it is the Ceremony Place of the birds."

The island, only 600 metres off the shore of Fingal Head, is formed by ancient lava flows and protrudes 24.8M above sea level. It is a safe haven for threatened migratory sea birds and the home of two reptile species and 25 plant species.


The Jungarra Ngarrian Conservation project is a collaboration aimed at the preservation and protection of flora and fauna species within the aquatic reserve through cultural empowerment and incorporates both practical conservation and preservation of culture and story. In working together, Traditional Descendants, NSW Department of Primary Industries (Aquatic Reserves) and Kirra Dive on the Tweed are working to address gaps in knowledge, deepen connections to Sea Country and upskill local Aboriginal youth to participate in the strengthened management and protection of the reserve.

Jungarra Ngarrian Conservation Project aims to create opportunities for Traditional Descendants - in particular local Aboriginal young people - to continue the legacy of Caring for Sea Country. Our objectives are to:

  • acknowledge Jungarra Ngarrian as culturally and ecologically significant.

  • Support the cultural preservation of stories, history and traditional culture surrounding Sea Country.

  • build the capacity of local Traditional Descendants to participate in conservation activities at Jungarra Ngarrian.

  • continue work with key stakeholders, including NSW Department of Primary Industries, for the best possible cultural and conservation outcomes. 

  • collect baseline information on species at Jungarra Ngarrian to assist in strengthened marine estate management and future considerations. 

  • broaden community knowledge and understanding about the ecological significance of species at Jungarra Ngarrian.

This project is a collaboration between Green Heroes and the NSW Government Department of Primary Industries, Banaam Applied Cultural Intelligence, Reef Life Survey and Kirra Dive on the Tweed. It is generously supported by The Ingrained Foundation and The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife.

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