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Tweed River (no hire included)

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Reliable and convenient shore dive with calm waters, best done on incoming tide.
Highly Recommended for Entry Level Training Dives and also logging dives for further training.
Also great for Drift and Night Dives. 
Marine life that you may encounter includes our residential Green Turtle, Woggygong Shark, Eagle Rays, Frog fish, Yellowtail Barrcuda, Jew fish, Pineapple fish and Pufferfish.
Moray Eel's, Brime and Flathead's are are almost definite on everydive. Seasonal Octupus is guaranteed duringn the summer month.
Join our regular events Like Easter Egg Hunt, Friday the 13th night dives and othe social events like clean up day etc. 

Enrol in our Discover local Diving Program and we will teach you all the skills and techniques to dive the Tweed River
Once you know how to navigate the river and learn to read the currents, you will enjoy your dives more.
And you can now become more adventurous and attempt the Hospital Drift.
Email us for cost and times for the Tweed Discover Local Diving Program


Practise Your skills.
A easy nice shallow dive to practise your navigation and bouyancy skills, the Tweed is also a great first Night Dive.

Logging Dives.
A very cheap way to log your dives for further training.
Check out our Bulk Tank Fill prices and save even more,
or even become a member and save on your Boat Trips also.

No Seasickness
Best way to prevent sesickness is to sit under a tree, you could do this between dives at the Tweed.

Social and Meeting Buddies. 
A Great way to meet new divers and buddies with similiar interests.
We do have Kirra dive Shore events Like "Easter Egg Hunt" or the "Friday The 13th Night Dives"

Check out our Kirra Dive Facebook Page for Special Price on Gear Hire.

While shore diving isn’t always this easy, it’s often just as rewarding. Here are a few things to make your next Tweed River Shore Dive a bit easier.

Make sure you can get out before you get in.
While often not a major issue, this is particularly relevant especically on a outgoing tide. The best exit point if you do miss the steps is Mini Debah Beach.
Things to consider on the exit point is Navigation skills, surge and on sme days a proper surf exit.
Don’t anguish over it, but make sure of your exit and have a contingency plan before committing.

Plan ahead to keep the work level low.
The most tiring part of this dive is simply getting to the entry point with all your gear and entrying the water.
Make sure you’re in sync with your buddy so there’s no hanging around since "The Steps Entry Point" can get quite busy, diver courtesy is encouraged.  
Sometimes it’s easier to set up your scuba gear and bring it and your weight belt to the entry area before you kit up.
Always take your time, or take a rest, so you’re nice and relaxed before you get in.

Think about how and when you’ll put on and take off your fins.
Slight current is generally present during incoming tide. Highly recommended that you enter the water fully geared.
Exceptions are putting your fins in the water (not recommended for first timers or divers with less experience). When doing a shore dive in the Tweed 
Wading out to waist deep water is ideal when entrying through Mini Debah. You can let the water support you as you slip your fins on or use your buddy’s shoulder for support.

Navigation Tips
If you do get lost, set your compass and head North. This will bring you back to the main wall. Other reference points are the Bath Tube, Scales, Buddha and Anchor.
Using the current as a navigation aid is not recommened in some parts of this divesite, there is generally eddy's present and can get a bit disorientating

Boat Traffic and Dive Flags.
The Tweed River is a channel used by boats. So make sure you stick to the side and do not surface in the middle of the river (there’s nothing to see there anyway). We also do recommend using a Smb in case you have drifted out and away from the Dive zone.
All dives conducted by Kirra Dive will have a Dive Flag.

Best Time to Dive the Tweed River.
There is a minimal slack tide present so genrally the best time to dive this site is 3hrs or less before High.
There is other factors also to take into consideration like tide height, wind and swell directions.
Give us a call 
07 5536 6622  or email us for a report or best entry time.



  • Must be a Certified Diver and dived with the last 6 months.
  • We do supply Personal Divemaster upon request or Dive Guides if you need a buddy.
  • This dive is not supervised unless you are a student completing your training. We will organise buddies if you prefer.
  • Dives Guides, Dive Masters and Buddies depends on availibility, please do let us know 24 hours ahead to avoid disappointment.
  • All gear must be in working order and as required by local regulations and PADI Standard.
  • Hire gear must be checked and notified to staff if anything is not in working order.
  • Tweed River gear hire price is only applicable on Kirra Shore Dive Trips.



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