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We strongly believe that the best way to become a confident PADI Divemaster is to do an internship style course. Our divemaster internship takes between six and eight weeks.You won't be rushed through your pro training if you choose to do your divemaster training with us. If you wish to spend 7 days or a year  doing the course that is fine by us. If you have not yet logged the 40 dives required to start your divemaster course, that is no problem. We will start your internship by helping you log the dives at a minimal cost.

The PADI Divemaster internship that may well change your life as it did for all of us! Our divemaster training develops your leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise dive activities and assist PADI instructors with student divers. It is a vital stepping stone along the path to open water scuba instructor. Your divemaster internship with Kirra Dive should be one of the best times of your life. Not only because you are diving, but because of the awesome array of people you will have the opportunity to meet and work with. Whilst there are naturally serious aspects to the course, there is a huge focus on FUN. Since most people dive for fun, you need to develop skills that ensure the safety of your divers without taking away the fun.

The PADI Divemaster internship is the first step into the ranks of PADI Pros.  It sets the foundation upon which you build a career.  You will learn more on this course than any other.  It also takes your knowledge to a professional level, through self-study and mentoring from a PADI Instructor. The better taught your divemaster course is, the more fruitful your diving career is likely to be. Take your time in deciding where to do your Divemaster internship, it is an important decision.


Many people wonder what we mean by an internship. What is it means is you will learn on the job. The Divemaster Internship is not a structured course with a set timetable. You are welcomed as part of the Kirra Dive Team, and work as part of the team throughout your training with us.

There are quite a few different aspects to what you need to learn to be a competent dive professional. Many of these skills are do with your judgment.
Judgment is not taught, it is developed through coaching and mentoring.
In your time with us, we will ensure that you gain experience assisting a seasoned PADI instructor in many aspects of a dive professionals job. This will including assisting on training at all levels from Discover Scuba Diving through to the Rescue course. You will assist by guiding certified divers of differing abilities at different sites in varying conditions. 
All of these skills are better learned by working with actual customers in real life situations. We don't know in advance what customers we will have at any given time, what we do know is that over a period of time we will be able to expose you to the experiences you need to become a knowledgeable, confident divemaster.

You will have some classroom sessions and some in-water skill development sessions with one of our experienced instructors, but a huge amount of what you will learn be learned by shadowing our staff and gradually taking on more and more responsibility as your training divemaster training progresses.

What it doesn't mean is its free! We do not offer free courses in exchange for labor. Our instructors spend a lot of time coaching and advising divemaster trainees, the time they put in is too valuable to give away for nothing.


Kick start your career straight away with a easy affordable payment.
Choose a option when you enrol

Whats Included
This includes fees for yoUr Dive Master course totalling up to $990.
Training materials must be purchased seperately.
If you already have your training materials, please check if it is current and you have the PADI decal .
This is needed to lodge your application at the end of your course

Training Materials
Training materials bought off us is at a rebated price ($295.00).
Training materials can be put on plan also. Although we will send you the materials once 4 payments is done.
You can start your course once a payment is completed .

Payments Due Date
Payments must be fully paid before lodging of application to PADI
Students are allowed to make extra payments if they want to complte course early.

How To PAY
Direct Payment into our account (account details will be provided once you have enrolled)
We can also setup up a Direct Debit system to have the instalment take directly off your account.

Also if you would like to speak to one of our staff give us a call on 0755366622 and we can arrange a meeting to work out the details.      
Email or text us for more info on payment plans


What are the complete prerequisites and requirements for the PADI Divemaster course?
At least 18 years old
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certified
PADI Rescue Diver certified
EFR Primary and Secondary Care completed within past two years or First Aid/CPR course
Medical Statement ‘fit to dive’
40 logged dives before starting the course
60 logged dives when finishing the course

What can a PADI Divemaster do?
Give dive briefings for certified divers
Guide and supervise certified divers
Supervise training activities
Conduct scuba reviews
Conduct skin diver courses
Assist in Discover Scuba programs
Lead dives for Discover Scuba divers
Live the Dream
Have a great reason to travel in the Tropics
Work your way around the world

Where will I be spending my time?

Kirra Dive is located on the NSW Queensland Border on the Southern tip of the Gold Coast. All your classrooms sessions and pool sessions will be at our Dive center. Some of your training will be at in Jack Evans Boat Harbour around the Tweed bar. This is just a few minutes from Kirra Dive. Once you have a bit of experience, we might get you to guide our divers on the  Cook Island trip

What PADI materials will I need for the Divemaster course?

You need the PADI Divemaster crewpack

Included in the crewpak
PADI Divemaster Manual
PADI Instructor Manual
4 x PADI Divemaster slates
PADI Sheet – DM Decal
Information PADI Book
Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
PADI Workbook Scuba Tune-Up
PADI Professional Training Log
PADI Cue Card – Discover Scuba Diving
Instructor PADI Pro Bag
PADI Brochure – Go Pro
PADI Brochure – EFR Instructor
Acquisition Forms
Divemaster Application Package
PADI Diver Sticker
PADI Green Hologram (DM) PADI Diver sticker

What diving equipment do I need for the Divemaster course at Kirra Dive?
We will include all the gear during training dives, As a divemaster, you will eventually need your own equipment.
If you do not have any of your own equipment yet, we have a special equipment package which includes all these essential

What else do I need to bring?
A smile and a sense of fun and adventure!
Medical Examination Form signed by a physician (max. 12 months old)
Verification of CPR and first aid training (max. 24 months old) 

If any of your previous dive courses were non-PADI you’ll need to bring a photocopy of the front and back of your certification cards too.
If you don’t have all these course yet we can build a package that includes them too.
Your dive logbook

What’s the best way to prepare for my Divemaster course?
Read through your old Open Water, Advanced and Rescue manuals again.

How can I confirm my booking for my Divemaster course at Kirra Dive?
Get in touch with us as and let us know the date you want to start. .

How soon can I start working as a dive pro after finishing the course?
You can begin  after PADI process your Divemaster certification. This usually takes 1-2 weeks. And then the world is your oyster! Explore beautiful new countries, live a great life, share your passion and inspire your students.

Can I get any deals if I buy scuba equipment while I’m there?
Kirra Dive is a Mares, Oceanic and Aqualung Dealer. We also are able to get other Brands Like Suunto Apollo and Hollis. Anybody taking their Divemaster course with us is entitled to 20% discount on any scuba equipment or dive computers in our shop. It’s the best deal around. The only exceptions is equipment sevicing and parts.
Email us in advance if you want a specific item so we can have it waiting for you when you arrive.




Sorry, we don't have any dates available at the moment for this course. Contact us and we'll try to accommodate you.

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