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SNORKEL WITH THE TURTLES Swim with the Turtles

Cook Island has plenty of fish life but is most famous for its Turtles, for everyone you see,
ten have already seen you......

Snork college

  • Snorkel guide
  • Snorkelling Gear  (including wetsuits)
  • Lifejackets
  • Sunscreen
  • Cook Island link for more information
  • This activity is suitable for all the swimmer old or young, floating is easy

A typical Day at Cook Island Snorkel Tour

  • 8:30, Meet at the dive shop
  • Become familiar with Cook Island in our indepth safety brief
  • Gear-up, get excited, grab a camera and a coffee,
  • 09:00 on the boat, Cross the bar (no extra charge for the exciting ride)
  • Snorkel Cook Island, Take a Turtle Selfie
  • 10:30 Dry off, head back home (wave to the whales)
  • Along the beautiful Tweed River, back at the shop around 11-11:30